What does your club do?
We hold workshops where we bring experts in a variety of health topics such as nutritionists, doctors, and instructors to educate students on things such as diet, nutrition, the progress of eastern-western medicine integration, and a plethora of other therapeutic techniques such as massage, tai-chi, acupuncture. We carry interesting discussions on topics in the health field and pursue an increased understanding of that material. We also hold social events, field trips, and raffles. We also have special projects such as the Research in Integrative Health & Medicine Awareness Project, the Stress Management Project, the NCAM Professional Networking Committee, the NCAM Nutrition Committee, and the Internship Program.

Do I have to be a member to attend your workshops and events?
No. Our workshops are open to all people.  Our primary goal is to promote education and awareness of  nutrition, wellness, complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine.

Do you hold the same workshops again?
We not do hold the same workshops again within the same academic year.  But we do try to hold the most popular workshops annually.  Most workshops after Fall 2009 will be available to view online. NCAM members have full access to all videos and other media.

Why should I become a member?
Our list of membership benefits include (1) networking opportunities through the NCAM Professional Networking Committee; (2) consideration for internship positions; (3) full access to all our videos and other media; (4) participation in the major end-of-quarter raffle;  (5) discounts for t-shirts, field trips, etc. See the complete list of membership benefits.

How do I become a member? What are the requirements?
Simply fill out and submit the online membership form and attend at least three meetings per quarter. You can sign up to be a member all year long.

Is there a membership fee?
No. This club is free and open to all students.

Are you guys on OrgSync? How do I join your OrgSync Portal?
Yes we are on OrgSync. You can join our portal here with the password ‘nutrition’.

Is this club only for pre-healthstudents/south campus majors?
No. We are open to all majors.

Is this a club that is worthwhile for pre-health students?
Yes, this is a club that can help pre-health students explore an area in health less studied and approached. Additional exposure to these particular topics of CAM would be wonderful assets to any student applying for any health-related professional school.


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