Shiatsu Massage School of California – Summary

The Shiatsu Massage School of California was founded 25 years ago and is an non-profit school located in Santa Monica.

Chi (qi):

  • We did an exercise to practice finding our chi (“energy” or “life-force”).


  • Shiatsu literally translates to “finger” (shi) “pressure” (atsu). Shitasu is a massage therapy that is done through the clothes and with no oil based on the idea that hands have strong healing powers.
  • Stress is mostly held on the shoulders near the neck.
  • Bad pain = uncomfortable, aggravating. Good pain = a “good hurt”
  • Each finger has its own energy corresponding to different internal organs (e.g. thumb = lungs, index finger = large intestines)
  • I actually received a shiatsu massage from the founder of SMSC. And it was very relaxing and I could feel a lot of the tension in my neck and shoulders being released. He used a lot of pressure, but it wasn’t painful at all — or it was just a “good pain”.



  • The symbol above represents Tao (“the way”). The black side is the yin which is characterized by traits such as dark, moist, still, quiet, nurturing, female. The white side is the yang which is characterized by traits such as bright, warm, dry, active, warrior-like, male.
  • There are five elements: fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. All the elements work together and are all connected. Thus you can’t hurt one part of your body without hurting all of it.
    Element Color Emotion Ying Organ Yang Organ Opens Into…
    Fire Red Joy Heart Small intestine Tongue
    Earth Yellow Over-thinking Spleen Stomach Mouth/lips
    Metal White, grey, silver Grief Lungs Large intestine Nose
    Water Dark blue, black Fear Kidney Urinary bladder Ears
    Wood Green Anger, frustration Liver Gall bladder Eyes

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