Healing and the Placebo Effect Workshop

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Time: 7-8pm
Location: Haines 110
Speaker: David Shapiro
Extras: Facebook Event

Major sources of healing, whether in mainstream or complementary/alternative medicine, are effects that occur in treatments that are considered independent of medications or other standard treatment methods used. Inert substances used as placebos often produce a substantial benefit, sometimes equivalent to medication. The placebo effect is seen as a nuisance in medical research. Recent studies show that changes in brain and other bodily responses mimic expected effects of medications for disorders, and have identified patterns of brain activity in individuals that predict positive response to placebo. We need to focus greater attention on the role of expectancies, beliefs, attitudes, and other factors underlying placebo effects and healing. David Shapiro is a trained clinical psychologist with special interests and research experience in psychophysiology and health psychology. In the past, Shapiro served as editor of various psychophysiology journals his main area of work which studies the relationship between the mind and body. More specifically, Shapiro deals with biofeedback, or the physiological effects resulting from psychological practices (such as the psychological factors on hypertension or the results of yoga on depression).


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