Yoga Workshop

Date: Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Time: 6-7pm
Location: Ackerman Union 3517
Speaker: Lama Norbu

Extras: Photos | Audio | Video | Facebook Event

Lama Norbu is a highly accomplished Lama with a Geshe degree from Sera Monastery, is a master of vajrayana, and an adept in Supreme Yoga Tantra. He takes his teachings of the meditative, yogic practice known as Shiva Garuda all over the world, including notable yoga studios and meditation centers.

The precious Shiva Garuda practice provides an expedient and beneficial dharma path to help us overcome worry and fear while balancing body, speech and mind. It is an essential and powerful transmission for modern times. Shiva Garuda is a secular practice.

Originating from Divine Mother Guan Yin, Shiva Garuda was transmitted in secret by advanced Tibetan yogis. Lama Norbu received this transmission to help people master our increasingly turbulent times with peace and clarity.

Through a potent combination of breathwork, visualization, intention, mantra and mudra, Shiva Garuda enables us to hold a higher frequency of vibrational energy while elevating our consciousness. Also known as the Phoenix-Agape practice, Shiva Garuda leads us to a state of deep, meditative focus while attuning us to our own rising, self-healing energy.

This profound, esoteric teaching increases our joy and inner peace while helping to heal the collective suffering of humankind. Shiva Garuda teaches us to release limiting concepts, return to our Inner Nature and discover ultimate freedom.


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