NCAM Nutrition Committee

Mission Statement
Our mission is to create and foster a community where members can learn, and share information about nutrition, food, and health.

The NCAM Nutrition Committee is focused on helping students learn and understand more about nutrition, food, and health. Nutrition is a valuable area of exploration because food and diet are universal and essential. The food we eat is constantly changing as we have progressed through agricultural, scientific, and cultural revolutions. The food we eat today is not the same food our grandparents ate, and our diets are not the same diets as that of ancestors. We will not only help students understand how to integrate healthy eating with living in modern society, but also spread awareness of the importance of nutrition and the impact the food we eat has on our bodies.

1. Help members visualize and understand nutrition facts
2. Guide members in what foods to buy and eat
3. Share recipes and cooking techniques
4. Develop and distribute materials for spreading awareness and understanding of nutrition
5. Empower members to take what they have learned and spread that knowledge in the community

Current Project
The Nutrition Committee hosts the annual Nutrition Fair, started last year, as a means to reach out to hill residents about healthy eating and lifestyle. Last year, we worked with ORL, AMSA, Nursing Students at UCLA-CNSA, Udi’s at UCLA, as well as UCLA Dining Services to make the event a success. This year, we aim to continue not only building relationships with other health groups, but also importantly to gain knowledge about nutrition and health to impart to hill residents. If you are interested in participating, or for more information in general, please contact the fair director Christine Park

Still have questions? Read more about us or contact Vivian Lam at



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