Outreach Committee

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to promote awareness to local schools in the greater Los Angeles area about NCAM related topics, focusing but not limited to integrative medicine, stress management, and nutrition
The NCAM Outreach Committee’s main goal is to spread awareness to high school students about integrative medicine and integrative medicine therapies such as stress management and nutrition through the NCAM Immersion Project. Integrative Medicine is a growing field and has expanded in the last decade. With help from the NIH alternative medicine initiative in 1999, integrative medicine is now being researched and practiced in many institutions including Stanford, Duke, Harvard, Yale, UCLA, and the University of Arizona, just to include a few. By looking at all aspects of a patient’s life, whether it be family, relationships, nutrition, exercise regime, or mindfulness practices, integrative medicine practitioners seek to promote self-care, prevention, and diagnosis of the patient’s underlying problem rather than only temporarily alleviating the patient’s symptoms. In this committee, we will foster leadership, curriculum-building, and teaching skills to better understand these integrative medicine ideals and teach them to high school students in the Los Angeles community.
1. Teach NCAM-related topics at local high schools
2. Allow members to gain invaluable leadership and teaching skills by leading training sessions and teaching at school sites
3. Guide members to learn how to work in groups to present curriculum to students
4. Allow members to learn how to coordinate logistics of Immersion Project
5. Provide members opportunity to research and add to curriculum as needed
NCAM Immersion Project (projected start date: Fall 2012 or Winter 2013):
*Volunteers will visit school sites to teach high school students about integrative medicine, stress management, and nutrition
*Must attend training session before teaching at site
*Please wear NCAM t-shirt to site (can purchase at general meeting or workshops)
 **Committee members will help oversee logistics of project, train members in the curriculum, and provide updates and notes on curriculum through further research on NCAM-related topics if necessary
Questions? Contact Erica Kumala ericakumala@yahoo.com or Agustin Orozco atualhpa13@ucla.edu

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