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Our club is transitioning to a new website…
Here it is!




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Start of Fall Quarter

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the NCAM website. Our first meeting of the quarter will be a general meeting October 3rd from 7-8pm in Ackerman 2412! Please come join us to learn more about NCAM and what we have to offer.

NCAM will change websites soon. So for now, the EVENTS page will not be updated with new events. Please refer to the front page for all events.

Meeting Times:

Wednesday October 3rd 7-8pm Ackerman 2412
– General Meeting
Tuesday October 9th 6-7pm Haines A28
– Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop
Tuesday October 16th 6-7pm Haines A28
– Food Politics Workshop

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Ending the 2011-2012 School Year!

Hello NCAM!

As we approach the end of the school year, we are tying things up with NCAM. If you missed our banquet, here are some pictures! :) :) :)

This year has been awesome with our consistent opportunities to connect to alternative medicine! Although the academic year is ending, we are still constantly keeping NCAM in our hearts and minds. <3 Be excited for next year, as we are planning GREAT things to help NCAM grow and expand as a group. Please stay tuned- we have much in store for you.

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General NCAM Tech Overview


This post will include an overview of NCAM’s presence on the internet and our upcoming events.

NCAM is involved in many social media sites besides WordPress! This includes our…

Facebook Group – Please Join us! We post NCAM events, as well as CAM, IM, and Nutrition related opportunities here.
Vimeo – For all NCAM videos. If you’d like a speaker recorded to watch later, simply email us!
NCAM Twitter – Follow us on Twitter to get alerts before our meetings!
TaiChi Facebook – Follow Erik for his Join-Me-Tai-Chi Session!
Google Calender – Overlap your schedule for a simple and easy way of seeing all of NCAM’s events!
Mailing List – Add yourself to our mailing list for weekly email updates!

Our future events are always under our Events Page. This page can be reached through our wordpress website by clicking “Activities” and then “Events”, which is the first link on the page. You can also figure out the latest events using any of the above social media.

The easiest way to see our next event from this post, is to look to your right at our RSS feed. This links directly to our google calender event, which will have a link to our event page. Facebook will also have our event posted to the side of your home page if you are a part of the NCAM group.

That concludes our technology summary. Thank you all for reading and we hope you join, follow, tweet, submit to NCAM!

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Upcoming Fundraisers

Hello NCAMers~

We are having two fundraisers coming up soon so please come out and support NCAM!

Rubios Fundraiser
Thursday, February 8th, 2012
2pm – Closing

CPK Fundraiser Social
Wednesday February 15, 2012
Time Frame TBA
Meet at the Bruin Bear!

We are also planning a TV Taping soon, so keep an eye out for that. Our next meeting is this Wednesday February 1, 2012. More details can be found under our events page, on our Facebook page, or on our google calender!

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New Nutrient Updates

New articles for the Nutrient are out! They are under our Activities tab under the Publications link. They are also here:

Volume 4, Issue 3 (December 2011)

Volume 4, Issue 2 (November 2011)

Our meetings for the quarter are over, but we invite everyone and their friends back for Winter quarter! See you all then!

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Yogic Breath-Based Meditation Classes

NCAM would like to invite you to join a weekly yogic breath-based meditation class that will be held in the Department of Psychology, free of cost! The class will be held for six weeks and will meet every Monday from 4:00 to 5:30pm, starting next Monday, October 24th (There will be no meeting on November 21st, the week of Thanksgiving, but will meet on November 28th and December 5th for weeks 5 and 6 of the meditation, respectively).

During each class, you will learn different breathing techniques that will teach you to connect to your breath and cultivate healthy breathing throughout the day. We will begin each class with some light warm-up exercises and conclude the session with a meditation followed by a relaxation period.

No experience is necessary – all levels of meditation practitioners are welcome and encouraged (from no experience to advanced). The class will be taught by Patricia Voege (M.A.), a doctoral health psychology student at UCLA. For any questions concerning the class, you can contact her at patriciavoege@ucla.edu.

If you are interested in participating, please RSVP to Sara at sarawing09@gmail.com. Thank you!


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