Become a Member!
Simply fill out and submit the online membership form. (You can sign up to be a member all year long.)

Membership Requirements
• Attend a minimum of THREE workshops or events per quarter *
*Please note that attending socials can count towards only 1 event requirement

Membership Benefits

• Workshops with experts in nutrition, CAM, and integrative medicine
• News about opportunities and career paths in nutrition, CAM, integrative medicine, etc
• Networking opportunities through the NCAM Professional Networking Committee
• Consideration for internship positions
• Participation in the members-only end-of-quarter raffle
• Discounts for t-shirts, field trips, etc
• Full access to all our videos and other media
• Excellent extracurricular activity to put on your resume
• A well-rounded health education

Have a question about NCAM? Check out our FAQs or send us an email.


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